Who We Are

Zimbabwe Indigenous National Security Association (ZINSA) is a national association of security companies that was founded 27 years ago. It hosts at least 153 security companies across Zimbabwe. The association was originally founded in 1990 but was formally registered in 1992 with the help of the late Vice President Simon Muzenda. VP Muzenda had intervened after the association faced challenges because of the draconian Private Investigators and Security Controls Act which was originally passed in 1977 and catered for the minority white population.

ZINSA is currently under the leadership of Mr Leonard Musariri and is concerned with the provision of security services which include physical security guards, electronic security in the form of cameras and CCTVs, cash in transit security and private investigators among other security services.

The association has had to endure the struggle for the formalization of the private security sector as an industry, a sector whose purpose has often been overclouded by the existence of the public security sector. great strides as a sector because we managed to move away from the National Employment Council (NEC) of the commercial sector to our own council which is specifically meant for the security sector,” he said.

ZINSA continuously lobbies Government to enable the formalization of the private security sector. The association also assists individual security companies under its membership to register and get licensed and offers training courses to individuals in the security sector to enable them to get the necessary training required for individuals or a company to be able to commercially offer security services for other people or entities.

Mr Musariri said the first port of call for the security sector was to safeguard the country’s economy and investments. “When investors come to Zimbabwe they want to be assured that their investments are safeguarded. That was the most important call that made ex combatants and ex-police officers come together to form the association.

“It is a government prerequisite that members and especially leadership of the private security sector should be former members of the public security sector and that includes the police and the army.” Some of the ZINSA members include Black Halk, Gilta Security, Oswell Security, Georges, Chiva and Alarms and Online security companies among numerous other security companies. These companies offer all security services whilst other member companies are still small and offer only part of the package. The association’s criteria for leadership selection is democratic with leadership being voted into office for a three year term and a maximum of two terms.

Our Board Members

Mr. T. Watama Secretary General Zinsa

Mr. T. Watama-Secretary Gen.

Mr. L. Musariri-President

Mr. E. Shora-Vice President

Mrs. H.Chisamba- Treasurer

Mrs. B. Tsoka Committee Member

Rtd. Col. Mhlope Com. Member

Ms. F. Gutu Commitee Member

Ms. B. Mariga Committee Member

Mr. SH. Dube Committee Member

Mr. S. Zvarivadza Com. Member

Mr. S. Madanhi Committee Member

Mr. R. Hungwe Committee Member

MR. B. Butau Committee Member